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April 17, 2021

No members of the Royal Family will give a eulogy or conduct a reading during the funeral for Prince Philip, the order of service has revealed.

It was previously suggested Prince Charles may pay tribute to his father, but the order, released on Friday evening ahead of Saturday's ceremony, shows only members of the clergy will speak during the traditional service.

There was no eulogy at the funeral of the Queen Mother in 2002, nor is it common practice for members of the Royal Family to give them in services.

The service will reflect the duke's "unwavering loyalty" to the Queen and his "courage, fortitude and faith".

There will be no sermon, in line with his wishes.

The service will be led by the Dean of Windsor, Reverend David Connor, with the blessing said by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

It follows much of the order of the Book of Common Prayer, used by the Church of England, but there have been some adaptations requested by Prince Philip, which will reflect his naval career.

Image Source: Getty Images