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Top 16 MBA Jobs in Dubai and Their Salaries

May 12, 2023

Known as one of the world's best destinations for business, hospitality and tourism, Dubai hosts many of the world’s companies’ headquarters. With plans to double the booming economy in 10 years’ time, the emirate provides an environment for entrepreneurs and professionals with solid business knowledge to thrive.

The popular means by which individuals acquire critical business knowledge and skills to get ahead in their industries is by enroling in MBA programmes. MBA graduates learn how to identify, define, analyse and solve business-related problems to achieve organisational goals. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are well-paid in many parts of the world, including the United Arab Emirates.

In this article, we take you through the skills MBA students in Dubai acquire that make them preferred candidates of employers and the benefits of earning your MBA degree online. We also look at MBA jobs in Dubai and their salaries as well as the top employers of MBA graduates in the emirate.

Top 5 Benefits of Obtaining an MBA Degree in Dubai

In general, obtaining an MBA degree is a wise decision regardless of your location. But considering the career and business opportunities in Dubai, having your MBA will set you apart from the crowd. Some of the benefits of obtaining your MBA include:

1. Earn more
Earning an MBA degree gives you all the aces at the bargain table. Besides being a respected qualification in the business environment, holding an MBA degree positions you for promotion to leadership roles and higher pay. In 2022 alone, MBA graduates earned an average of two raises.

2. Increased career prospects

MBA students acquire advanced skills and vast knowledge of business needed to succeed in a highly competitive environment. Therefore, MBA graduates are
in high demand and many of them gain employment even before graduation. The valuable professional connections established during the programme can unlock bigger career opportunities.

3. Easily change career path

MBA programmes equip learners with the
key skills organisations look for across industries and fields. If for one reason or the other you desire a career switch, obtaining an MBA degree can help you achieve that transition seamlessly. Many MBA programmes offer specialisations in specific fields and industries, providing you with the opportunity to choose which corresponds with your desired career goals.

4. Solid network
MBA programmes create an avenue for entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders from diverse fields, locations and industries to connect. This offers opportunities for learners to enlarge their network and benefit from the diverse experiences and complementary abilities of one another. 

5. Become a skilled entrepreneur
MBA graduates demonstrate strong entrepreneurial acumen acquired through valuable mentorship, simulations, case studies and research projects. You will gain the skills and expertise needed to manage and grow a business, including the ability to draw up and execute business plans and strategies.

Skills Acquired by MBA Students in Dubai

MBA programmes are designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in various industries and roles. Enroling in an MBA programme in Dubai can provide you with the industry insights, techniques and skills you need to succeed whether you are a professional seeking career success or an entrepreneur looking to manage and grow a business. Some of the skills MBA students obtain include:

1. Leadership

MBA learners are trained to develop strong
leadership skills through various courses and practical experiences, such as team projects and case studies. A great example of leadership is being able to motivate and inspire teams to achieve common goals. This leads to increased productivity and a more engaged workforce.

2. Strategic thinking

The ability to think strategically in order to achieve the short-term and long-term goals of an organisation is another skill MBA students develop. They analyse data and identify patterns and propose solutions that align with an organisation's objectives. This skill is valuable to organisations as it ensures they are making informed decisions that are aligned with their overall strategy.

3. Financial management

Another important skill gained from MBA programmes is financial management acumen. Learners develop the ability to manage budgets, forecast revenues and evaluate investment opportunities. This helps to ensure they can allocate resources effectively and make sound, profitable financial decisions.

4. Problem-solving

MBA students learn how to analyse complex situations and propose solutions. They can identify potential risks and evaluate trade-offs, helping organisations to make informed decisions that lead to better outcomes. The ability or inability to solve problems can lead to organisational success or failure. Therefore, problem-solving skills are highly valuable to employers. 

5. Communication

Excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills are important for the success of professionals and entrepreneurs. By developing these skills during their programmes, MBA graduates can articulate their ideas clearly and effectively to various stakeholders, including employees, customers and investors. This brings about a high level of collaboration, understanding and better decision-making.

6. Time management

To achieve an optimum level of productivity in the workplace, professionals and entrepreneurs must efficiently manage their time. Upon graduation, MBA students demonstrate better time management skills. They can effectively juggle multiple tasks and deliver before deadlines.
Time management skills can help you execute and complete projects on time and within budget.

7. Marketing

One of the skills that students acquire from MBA programmes is the capability to create and execute
offline and digital marketing strategies that promote products and services, increase brand recognition and entice new customers. Additionally, they gain knowledge on how to perform market research, evaluate consumer behaviour and create impactful advertising campaigns.

8. Networking
Networking skills are crucial for increasing career opportunities and earning potential, business expansion and gaining partnership opportunities. During their studies, MBA students meet others from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, locations, disciplines and industries. The connections created enable them to collaborate and execute group projects as well as work with professors and industry professionals.

After graduation, these networking skills enable them to gain the knowledge of the trends in their industries through their peers. They also better establish relationships with potential partners, customers and investors. They also develop relevant skills to work with diverse teams.

9. Entrepreneurship and innovation
If you are interested in establishing, managing and growing your own business, enroling in an MBA programme is an excellent decision. You will learn how to develop and implement innovative business ideas that create value for customers, stakeholders and the wider community. You will also acquire the ability to identify opportunities, design business plans and secure funding for business growth. You can also work with your employers to expand business through the development and launching of new products and services. What’s more, you can enrol in an MBA in entrepreneurship and innovation.

10. People management
MBA programmes provide students with valuable people management skills that prepare them for a career in human resources. Students learn the techniques and skills to recruit, train and retain top talent as well as establish policies and procedures that support employee productivity and job satisfaction. Enroling in a top MBA programme in human resources will give top-notch specialist skills in people management and prepare you for a rewarding career.

11. Operations management
An MBA can also equip you with cutting-edge skills in operations management that will make you an invaluable professional to your employer and accelerate your career. MBA graduates demonstrate sought-after skills that enable them to handle the daily operations of organisations. Whether you are a business owner or an employed professional, an MBA will equip you with the skills needed to manage production processes, inventory and overall performance.

Advantages of Enroling in Top Online MBA Programmes in Dubai

While enroling in an MBA is generally a wise investment for entrepreneurs and professionals, choosing online MBA programmes comes with added benefits. Some of the advantages of online programmes include:

1. Flexibility

Flexibility and personalised learning schedules that accommodate work and personal commitments, enabling you to learn at your own pace, anywhere.

2. Global network

Opportunity to build a global network with accomplished entrepreneurs, industry experts and renowned faculty.

3. Extended experience

By juggling work and study together, you can extend your experience and easily fund your education or have your employer pay for you.

4. Apply acquired skills

You can easily apply the theoretical knowledge and new skills acquired at work to improve your performance.

5. Advancement

You can easily earn a promotion, take on new responsibilities and get a raise.

6. Affordability

You pay less by not having to budget for accommodation, transportation and other expenses associated with on-campus learning.

Top 16 MBA Jobs in Dubai and Their Salaries

1. Finance Manager [AED 90,000]

2. Business Development Manager [AED 75,000]

3. Engineering Manager [AED 73,000]


4. Executive Director [AED 68,000]


5. Sales Manager [AED 50,000]

6. Research and Development Executive [AED 45,000] 

7. Chairman of the Board [AED 43,400]

8. Chief Finance Officer [AED 41,300]

9. Chief Financial Officer [AED 41,000]

10. Regional Director [AED 39,700]

11. Investment Advisor [AED 37,400] 

12. Brand Director [AED 37,100]

13. Executive Manager [AED 36,100]

14. Chief Corporate Officer [AED 35,800]

15. Chief Marketing Officer [AED 35,600]

16. Managing Director [AED 35,600]


15 Major MBA Employers in Dubai

1. McKinsey


3. Gulf Capital

4. Petrofac

5. Societe Generale

6. Careem

7. Nielsen Company

8. DAMAC Properties


10. Etisalat

11. Deutsche Bank

15. Amazon

Top 15 Online MBA Programmes in Dubai

15. Executive MBA in Healthcare Management

Other Qualifications to Hone Your Business Skills

MBA degrees are highly coveted qualifications in the business space. However, there are a number of other more affordable and respected qualifications that can broaden your knowledge of your industry and field, equip you with the latest skills and techniques and give you an edge in the job market. If you are not prepared to take the MBA step, consider
international postgraduate diploma, short professional courses and advanced professional certificate courses.

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