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June 11, 2021

First Lady Jill Biden and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, met for the first time at the Connor Downs Academy in Hayle, Cornwall.

The classroom was full of children around the ages of four and five.

“It’s the quietest class I’ve ever been into,” the Duchess said.

The teacher shared that the children are learning about how to make the world greener and a better place, "which is what we know the G7 is all about," he said.

Biden said early childhood education during a pandemic is "very important."

"It is the foundation of everything. I can tell you that as a teacher in the upper levels, if they don't have a good foundation, they fall so far behind. So this is amazing to see what these children are doing, and how far advanced they are at 4 and 5 years old," she said.

The children also shared their reading skills with Biden and the duchess.

The two women later sat at a table where the children were drawing their own renditions of famous landmarks, including the White House. Biden pointed to parts of it to the children, like where her bedroom was.