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February 15, 2021

You can leverage your work experience to get an MBA degree from a reputed institute. World-class MBA schools generally prefer candidates who have some work experience in the relevant field. The management institutes in the UK are renowned globally, for the depth of their syllabus, and placement records. It would be a truly excellent idea to get a 1 year MBA UK in order to enhance your career. There are some distinctly concrete benefits of studying in an MBA course and successfully completing it. Below are some points, telling you about those benefits.

1. Resume Your Career Quickly

A major advantage of a 1-year MBA is you would be back in the workforce, quicker than candidates who opt for 2-year MBA courses. The duration of the course definitely provides you with a comparative advantage. There are some concerns in the market from aspirants that an MBA with long duration would somewhat put hurdles in finding a lucrative job.
But, when you enrol in a 1-year MBA course, you are more confident regarding the short duration, and getting back to the professional world at a rapid pace.

2. Possibility of A Swift Career Switch

Do you plan to make a smart career switch? You might be bored with your current professional field, and want to taste some other waters, by changing the sector and the job. On the other hand, you would require the relevant skills and expertise to do it. Here, the importance of a 1-year MBA course is paramount, as it equips you with your target skills, and you are ready to make the switch.

3. Rigorous Curriculum

The curriculum of a 1-year MBA program is very rigorous. It covers several topics in a short time. Also, it contains the most relevant topics, teaching you about both basic and advanced concepts of various management-centric areas, and their widespread applications. The focus is heavily on making you an expert in a short duration, without compromising on the learning methods. There are lots of case studies included in the curriculum, which teach you more about business administration through learning-by-doing assignments.

4. Provides Strong Industry Connections

When you attend a 1-year MBA course, you are in a good position in building a robust industry network. You would know corporate leaders, business honchos, investors, trade analysts and so on, along with top academicians in the management field. The network would hugely help you to get a plum job. Such connections would last long, over the years.

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