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March 16, 2022

Thanks to the internet and easy communication technology, it is now possible for people to pursue endless opportunities. Several different prospects are easier to approach and try a hand at due to the easy connection between parties. It is much easier to apply for jobs today than ever before.

There are endless job prospects and availability for people to apply for. This also means, however, that there is increased competition. It is a desperate need to stand out from the rest of the crowd when applying for jobs.
The best way ahead is to have a strong resume when applying for jobs. Resumes help make an excellent first impression on others. As a result, to land the job of your dreams, you must keep your resume current and relevant. As a result, it is imperative that you keep up with the latest trends in resume design.

There are a variety of modern resume templates in use today: 

Functional resume
This is an example of a modern-day resume template that many people are using today. It is the goal of this form of resume to highlight the achievements and expertise of the person who worked for it. This form of resume is best suited for persons who lack a chronological employment history.
If you have gaps in your work history, this is a suitable modern template to choose. Having this kind of resume will ensure that you do not have to worry about the employer focusing on the gaps in your work. This diverts the attention of the employers into your academic background and accomplishments in your career.
The following things are to be added to this template:  
  • Contact details: place of stay, contact nos., email, and other ways for the recruiters to reach you.  
  • Objective statement: your reason for application.  
  • In order to land the job, you need to highlight all of your qualities. 
  • All of your previous jobs should be mentioned in a succinct manner. 
  • Education history: all educational qualifications.  
  • Additional details: this includes volunteer work, awards, etc.
Chronological Pattern
A chronological resume template is perhaps the most followed one in the world. This resume pattern lists the individual's different qualifications and career points. In addition, this resume type focuses on giving the employers important information about the individual. This tends to follow a chronological order that shows the applicant's growth over the years. 
The focus of this resume template is to show employers the career growth of the applicant. It emphasizes the time and the career-building process. It is an excellent choice for people who have been at a consistent uprising in their careers. This helps show the gradual improvement and achievements of the individual and makes a relatively positive impression on the employers.
The following elements go into a chronological resume:  
  • Contact details: emails, phone numbers, addresses, and other ways for the employers to reach you. 
  • Objective statement: the reason for application and post of interest. 
  • Essential skills: everything you need to be the best candidate for the position. 
  • Professional history: all of your previous employment history, including the name of the previously held positions. 
  • Education: your academic records.  
  • Extra details: this is special interests and volunteer work you've done. 

Combination resumes
As the name suggests, the combination CVs are a template that uses traits of both chronological and functional resume templates. This is a much-used form of resume template writing. This is one of the ways that applicants can get employers to focus on all different elements of their career and qualification path. It is useful since it helps emphasize the entire working tenure. 

This resume template allows the applicant to highlight their competencies and experiences. This shows a chronological development in the applicant's career path, along with emphasising their skills. Applicants often use this resume since it makes them look like reliable employees. Since both the skills and work history tend to consume a lot of space, this resume template eliminates sections like special interests, volunteer work, etc. Elements that go into the making of a combination resume template are: 
  • Contact details: contact nos., email, location, and anything that helps the hirers need to get in touch with you. 
  • Objective statement: your interest and job role you're applying for. 
  • A list of skills that are relevant to the position you’re applying for: jot down everything that makes you a perfect person for the role. 
  • Work experience: Note your work experience and job titles over the years. 
  • Academics: explain why your qualifications for the role are exceptional based on your training and skills.
These are the three highly essential modern resume templates. They all emphasise different aspects of an individual's career. Therefore, you can select the one which fits your needs the best.

Having a good resume template to follow ensures that you can create a positive impression on the employers. It also ensures that the recruiters notice your strong aspects. Therefore, it improves your chances of employment tremendously.