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September 19, 2021

Paris is among the must-visit on the retinue of most tourists because of the uniqueness of the city. Paris, France's capital, is a major European city and a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy, and culture. Paris is referred to by so many because of its lovely features and the romantic vibes it contains. To other people, Paris is the city of light because it is one of the first major Euro cities to use gas street lighting on a massive scale to lighting its boulevards and monuments. 

After reinventing itself over the centuries to deal with pandemics, Paris could soon become one of the first major cities to limit the use of cars. Paris isn't new to radical urban projects. In fact, the city's look and feel is largely the result of urban renewal programmes that have been modelled by previous pandemics over the centuries. Now, as the City of Light slowly begins to emerge from nationwide lockdowns, some politicians and officials are considering closing many of the capital's streets to cars in order to improve air pollution and traffic congestion.

The idea, known as the "15-Minute City", aims to bring people closer to the places they care about by transforming urban areas into multi-use spaces and reducing the amount of time it takes to go from one place to another. By prioritising pedestrians, cyclists, and public transportation over autos, Paris could find itself once again at the forefront of the world's urban design.

Analyst View

Paris will remain a leading European global city at the forefront of politics, arts, and culture. A frontline city in architectural masterpieces, designs, and beauty. The future proposition is in line with environmental sustainability particularly as the global stage for carbon neutrality is being set. Paris as a city of love will definitely maintain her attraction to all generations and particularly her tourist suitors.