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January 20, 2022

The health secretary has admitted that if a prime minister breaks the law, then they should leave office, as Boris Johnson's Partygate saga rumbles on.

Sajid Javid told Sky News "there is no exception" to following the ministerial code, after Johnson admitted attending a party in Downing Street in May 2020, when COVID laws forbid social gatherings. 
It is rumoured that mutinous Tory MPs could still be planning to trigger a vote of no confidence in the leader, but after a high drama day on Wednesday, which saw Conservative MP Christian Wakeford defect to Labour.

Javid said Sue Gray, the senior civil servant investigating reports of parties in Whitehall during lockdown, should be given the “time and space” to complete her inquiry.

He made clear that if Mr Johnson was found to have broken the law he would have to go.
“The Ministerial Code is very clear. If any minister from the Prime Minister down breaks the law, of course they shouldn’t continue to serve as a minister,” he said.

“What I have just said is a general rule that applies to everyone. There is no exception to that rule.”
He added: In terms of this situation, we need to establish the facts and as I say the prime minister's come forward, he's apologised, he's accepted that mistakes have happened and he's will take full responsibility for whatever the Sue Gray report comes out with.

"But whatever, the facts needs to be established first."

Source: Yahoo

Image Source: New York Post