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October 11, 2021

The world has now reached "a moment of truth" when it comes to protecting its vital ecosystems, U.N. biodiversity chief Elizabeth Maruma Mrema said on Monday as talks on a new global conservation treaty got underway in Kunming, China.

Mrema, executive secretary of the U.N. Convention on Biological Protection, said during the opening ceremony of the talks that the world had not achieved the necessary breakthroughs from 2011-2020 and was not yet able to safeguard ecosystems that were key to human wellbeing.

The first round of the "COP15" talks on biodiversity will last from Oct. 11 to Oct. 15. A post-2020 biodiversity pact is expected to be finalised during the second round in April-May next year.

Analyst View
It is indeed a moment of truth for the world to either choose a safer ecosystem or risked a polluted environment; the world has to choose between fossil fuel or renewable energy. The plethora of climate changes crisis facing the world today- wildfires, acid rains, hurricanes, tornadoes, desertification are pointers to the fact that a drastic step needs to be taken to avert more grave natural end environmental disasters.