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March 23, 2021

It's said that experience is the best teacher. Technology, specifically the internet, has allowed us the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge ourselves, enabling us to learn without a physical mentor and navigate life more easily. By utilizing online courses, we have the ability to add guidance on how we coordinate our relational interactions, entrepreneurial pursuits, and basic thought processes. These hyper-focused, carefully formulated courses can help us ease and pave our path to success. 

The courses below will give entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed. They come at a cost (mostly low), even though some offer free access to videos and learning materials for a limited time.


1. The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship From Guy Kawasaki

If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, this course by entrepreneur and investor Guy Kawasaki will help you get your feet moving. It goes indepth into the complete process of starting and running a business; from starting and building your team all the way to marketing and evangelizing your product.

 With a whole lot of interactive exercises, anecdotal advice and real-world examples, and engaging videos, Kawasaki’s lectures give just the right amount of information you need and are entertaining.



2. Creativity & Entrepreneurship from    Berklee Online

Want to exploit your creativity? Then this course is a must-have. It takes on entrepreneurship as a creative process, utilizing concepts from the world of music creation (such as observing, iterating, and prototyping) to career development and business innovation.

You’ll get to learn from different entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives.

3. Professional Certificate in Fundamentals of Self-learning Skills from The Metropolitan School of Business And Management

This course gives a look into the different learning styles that creatives, professional, scientists and other experts swear by.

The course, which roughly takes about 3 hours to complete, aims to prepare the learner for a better understanding of the learning skills for both academic and non-academic purposes by introducing the learner to the accepted advanced processes of learning.

The course is designed to help anyone, studying any subject, create a new learning approach and be more successful. Even if you think you’ve bested the knowledge from a particular a subject, you may have to learn the best way to apply that knowledge gained, which this course will definitely also help with.


 4. Productivity and Time Management for the Overwhelmed From Udemy

It might seem implausible to think about creating time for a course named “Productivity and Time Management for the Overwhelmed” when you’re already feeling overworked, but consider it a really good investment.

Its a short course, it barely takes two hours to complete, and its description talks about how busy its prospective learners are with the statement: “schedule time to take the course with your full attention.”

The course states failures and inefficiencies in how people manage their schedules and helps them construct a plan to boost productivity. It helps anyone who’s overwhelmed take absolute control of their ethos and their energy level, as well as develop new daily habits and strategies that jibe with their personality. It doesn’t just encourage learners to stop hesitating and moving away from project and tasks, but it examines why they may be doing so by addressing issues that reduce productivity, from “waiting for things to be perfect” to “the myth of multitasking.”



5.SEO Training Course: Building Sustainable Traffic for Business Growth from HubSpot Academy

 Need eyeballs on your business? You need SEO. This course demonstrates how to evaluate your current SEO, development, and approach for your business, and identify specific areas that need improvement.

 A very informative and supportive workbook and  about 15 videos you can take the course at your own pace making  this course another essential one you shouldn't miss.


6. Masterclass In Entrepreneurship by Sarah Blakely From MasterClass

 This course is an essential one when you begin your journey to becoming an entrepreneur. With a total of 14 different courses which give indepth lessons and real-life experiences of entrepreneurship. This masterclass was created by the founder of Spanx, Sarah Blakely; she will talk about her experience in becoming a successful entrepreneur from an inventor.

These are 6 learning materials every entrepreneur can benefit from.

Image Source: Pexels