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April 19, 2022

During the heat of the pandemic, it was such a thrill knowing you’ve got a skill that is capable of paying your bills without having to step out of the comfort of your home, or that you’ve got a job description that permits working from home.

Perhaps this was the silver lining—the further realization of the vast array of jobs that can be executed with the required level of efficiency from your home, more so for sit-at-home mums.

Motherhood can be such a blessing even with all its encumbrances. You want to care for and be available for your kids with the least amount of financial constraints to adequately do that. Being physically and emotionally present for your kids is as much a joyful responsibility as not taking a halt on your career can be fulfilling.

While there are numerous work-from-home jobs, you may consider the following lists to fit into the sensitive nature of motherhood;

Customer Service Representative
There could be no more efficient worker in this role than a mother who has had to deal with the nerve-racking tendencies of children in her strides. Answering calls and tending to customers'/clients’ needs via the phone is a job description that can sit comfortably with career-oriented mothers while juggling baby and home chores.

Moreover, because of the inevitability of children’s noise flickering into your calls now and again, you may require the use of headsets with cardioid microphones, noise cancellation apps— Krisp, for example, and ensure to set your Keyboard on silent to enhance the utmost concentration and avoid embarrassing noise scenarios—a baby crying, for instance.

Food Blogging/Childcare Blogging
Since it is already the usual thing for mothers to cook and take care of their kids at home, transferring this skill into a money-generating venture could be a wonderful idea.  A lot of food and child care bloggers have been known to develop this career hunch a few months into lactation and have thrived at it.

Being employed by a food or childcare enterprise to create and advance this sort of content on their blogs and sites could also be a great possibility.

Considering the level of concentration that needs to be put into this job—finding out mistakes, typos and grammatical issues on articles and write-ups that may seem perfect at face value—mothers with possessive and touchy toddlers could find this undoable, but knowing that you can fall in with this kind of job role while your child/children is/are well into their siesta could be the motivation.

Also, for someone who is a seasoned or even an occasional writer with keen eyes for spotting mistakes and sound knowledge of grammar and sentence construction, this job role could equally be a walk in the park. In any case, you could find apps such as Grammarly and Grammar Checker to help you spot tiny issues you may ordinarily miss.

It’s expedient however that you don’t grow to become utterly dependent on these assistants as they may not always be accurate for your target audience.

Recruitment Assistant/Coordinator
As highlighted by Jessica Howington on Flexjobs, a recruiting role can be a good fit for mothers who appreciate assisting others in finding new jobs. Recruiting coordinators help HR workers with things like reviewing resumes, doing background checks, assisting with interviews, and onboarding new hires.

Mothers with great passion for recruitment with the right training can well juggle this role with childcare. Seeing that there are high chances of having to receive calls while on this job and to ensure professionalism, the tools mentioned under the Customer Care Representative heading could as well be necessary here.

Online Tutoring
If you’ve got a good degree in a discipline of study and/or excellent teaching skills, and are in the business of constantly teaching your kids at home with the least amount of effort and disgruntlement, exploring this channel for some cash is a wonderful work-from-home career move. As you want to ensure the utmost level of professionalism while at this job, the devices and noise cancellation tools mentioned earlier could equally be handy.

Freelance Content Writing
In the same vein as proofreading, a mother with a keen passion for writing on a vast array of interests could fall in with this sort of job. Experiment with writing your content at night when your kids are asleep and undemanding, and much later in the day, you proofread the content before making your submission.

Social Media Managing
According to Serah on Clervergirl Finance Blog, “almost every business in today’s world has social media accounts that need to be maintained. That’s where you can step in. If you have the skills to effectively manage a social media presence, then many business owners are willing to pay you.” Note: nothing overrides the place of crisply-functioning devices and sufficient data for this role.  

For the career-oriented mother, the seeming hurdles to doing these jobs are surmountable with the appropriate sense of purpose and determination. In any case, you do not want to seem overly dependent on the welfare system, your husband, or anyone else (for single mums) to care adequately for your kids.

Additionally, commuting to work amidst all the road hassles and the psychological struggle of having to bother about leaving a child at home with someone else, away from your keen motherly gaze, is another motivating reason to consider some of these options.