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January 20, 2021

Behind every successful project, you'll find a highly skilled project manager. Here are some of the most popular project management certifications that will add value and help you hone your skills this year.


  • Certified Project Manager (CPM)

The International Association of Project Managers (IAPM) is a global professional association and certification body focused on the project management profession. There are four levels of certification within the IAPM, split into two disciplines, traditional project management and agile project management: Certified Junior Project Manager and Certified Junior Agile Project Manager; Certified Project Manager and Certified Agile Project Manager; Certified Senior Project Manager and Certified Senior Agile Project Manager; and Certified International Project Manager. IAPM’s Certified Project Manager certification is for candidates with a foundational knowledge of project management, including the basics of planning, organization and implementation of various projects. The exam covers both the hard and soft aspects of project management.

Organization: IAPM

Price: Fee depends on candidate’s nationality, as pricing is based on country of origin's GDP; in the U.S., the exam cost is $650, with a 20 per cent discount for students, job seekers and active aid organization personnel, according to the IAMP.

Requirements: None, but IAPM offers workshops through global training partners, or recommended literature for self-study. Candidates can also take a self-test to benchmark their knowledge.



  • CompTIA Project+

This entry-level certification is roughly on par with PMI's CAPM credential (above), though the requirements are less stringent. CompTIA's Project+ solicits feedback from the computing industry, government representatives, research institutions, academia and independent experts to design the certification.

Organization: CompTIA

Price: $285

Requirements: One year of experience managing, directing or participating in small- to medium-size projects is recommended.


  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

Project Management Professional Certification cycles around three constraints: Time, Cost and Scope. It is a challenging course that constitutes various modules to assist the academia in identifying the weak spots within a project.

As a result, the project manager can brief his/ her team to come up with alternatives for completing the test sprint phase, and eventually achieve all the milestones towards a deliverable product.

 The Project Management Professional certification is accredited with the Project Management Institute (PMI). They work constantly to introduce new changes within the course contents to keep it up to date and aligned with the rapidly changing requirements of the industry.

Price: $400 – $555

Accreditation: Project Management Institute (PMI)


  • 3 years minimum experience in the project management field
  • 5 years or an equivalent 7,500 hours of experience as someone who directed projects in PM-related areas
  • Additional 35+ hours of project management education and a qualified person certification


  • Advanced Professional Certification in Project Management (APCPM)

The Advanced Professional Certification in Project Management aims to equip the learner with skills and concepts to strategically Plan, Initiate, Implement and hand over project in the given Scope, Time and cost managing the expectation of stakeholder and performance of the project team while delivering the optimum quality of the targeted outcome.

The learner will gain knowledge to tools and model used in project planning, execution and evaluation and learn about the different dynamics and role involved in successful project management such as the project manager, Different stakeholders, Project team management, Successful change implementation.

It is the brainchild of the Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK. Metropolitan School of Business and Management London UK has been known for challenging, engaging and developing great minds all over the world. A world-class Business School characterised by a tradition of innovation and practical knowledge research. The College has broken new ground, pushed forward the boundaries of knowledge and made an impact on people's lives.

Organisation: Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK

Price: $120

Accreditation: The content of this course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

Requirements: There are no strict entry requirements for this course. Work experience will be added advantage to understanding the content of the course. The certificate is designed to enhance the knowledge of the learner in the field. This certificate is for everyone who is eager to know more and get updated on current ideas in the field.


  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

The CAPM is part of the basic level IT Project Management Certifications. The high tier certifications not only carry prerequisites but are also demanding as well. The Certified Associate in Project Management is also administered by the PMI. It is a basic level certification that’s lined up with plenty of learning and growth opportunities for beginners.

Accreditation & Significance: Project Management Institute

Cost: $200 – $300

Requirements: Since this is an entry-level certification, it does not have a lot of prerequisites. On the least, interested candidates with a high school diploma or an equivalent 1,500 hours of project management experience (without any previous certification) can apply. If you do not qualify based on the two aforementioned “requirements”, you can still opt-in if you have completed a minimum of 23 hours of cumulative project management education.


  • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) – Agile Project Management Certification

The CSM: Certified ScrumMaster certification enables the “certified professional” to overlook a team of individuals who are responsible for working on the behest of the assigned product owner. The majority of Scrum series certifications are associated with The Scrum Alliance, a globally recognized institute that was initially founded to promote an Agile mindset in the software industry.

 The CSM also works as a jump-off/ tipping point for basic level Scrum Practitioners who wish to advance to the next level. As of the most recent statistics, there are over 450,000 Certified ScrumMasters around the world. Most of these individuals started on Agile Project Management Certifications back in 2,000. 

This certification is accredited with Scrum Alliance. They are a nonprofit organization who has been volunteering mostly in the IT industry for some years now. Ironically for a nonprofit organization, The Scrum Alliance charges a whopping $1,000 to $1,400 as examination and next available immediate date, or whichever schedule suits the candidate.

Accreditation: The Scrum Alliance

Cost: $990 – $1,400 


Basic level familiarity with Scrum and Agile mindset. You also need to complete The Scrum Alliance introductory module to better orientate yourself towards the requirements of the Certified ScrumMaster program.

  •  Professional in Project Management (PPM)

The Professional in Project Management (PPM) is a mid-tier project management credential from the GAQM. The GAQM's project management certifications are focused on a broad knowledge base and emphasize effective resource allocation, clear direction, adaptability to change, effective communication and assurance of quality deliverables at minimal risk. The PPM is targeted towards intermediate to experienced project managers who are involved in risk and crisis management, and who are involved in the day-to-day management of projects.

Organization: Global Association for Quality Management

Price: $300

Requirements: GAQM body of knowledge study and e-course; no formal education or experience requirements, but candidates should have at least some project management experience to pass the exam.


  • Project Management in IT Security (PMITS)

EC-Council’s Project Management in IT Security (PMITS) explores the complexities of managing an IT security project. The certification helps candidates reinforce their existing project management skills while tailoring them to the unique requirements of implementing and managing IT security within their organizations.

Organization: EC-Council

Price: $250 (PMITS courseware)

Requirements: At least two years of experience in information security and educational background that shows a focus on security (bachelor's degree or higher preferred); candidates may also opt to attend an EC-Council training program before attempting an exam.


  • Certified Project Director – CPD

CPD is a directorial level project management certification where it is not only hard to take the exam, but the accredited institute also has certain requirements to keep the CPD course validated. As a Certified Project Director, you are obligated to “maintain” your certification by completing a preset number of hours in field duty. Likewise, training sessions conducted for subordinates also count as an added plus point. CPD has two modules; formal CPD and informal CPD. They are not to confused with one another since a Formal Certified Project Director is deemed a professional who has earned structured online education, a proper certificate and supporting documentation.

Regardless, CPD is one of the most prestigious certified project management courses. As much as CPD itself is a daunting venture, it rewards qualified personnel with equal employment and salary-related opportunities.

Accreditation: GAQM

Price: $400 – $555

Requirements: Since CPD is accredited with the GAQM, they have mandated having strong knowledge about the principles & methodologies of project management. In addition, you need to demonstrate hands-on knowledge in the field of project management as a director to qualify for the exam.


  • Master Project Manager (MPM)

Project Management is growing at a fast pace and it is used in all industries be it health, telecom, chemical, energy as well as in the social sector. Master Project Manager – MPM is modelled for professionals who aim for greater productivity at the workplace.

 The MPM is primarily focused on professional project managers, but in addition, it also supports those professionals in the technical and business management roles.

 MPM is one certification that helps you earn additional points for IT professionals who are within the project management domain of their companies. It provides a simple but effective training environment for professionals with a technical background by defining and associating the teachings of management with engineering.

Accreditation: American Academy of Project Management (AAPM)

Price: $300


  • Three years of training and project management experience make applicants eligible for waivers who hold a Masters Degree, with relevant job experience
  • Graduates with less than 3 years of project management experience are also eligible to appear for this certification.



  • BVOP Certified Project Manager

Business value-oriented principles (BVOP) is a newer, agile-based framework growing in popularity in the U.K. BVOP emphasizes the business value in all project management activities and practices. The BVOP Certified Project Manager is for senior practitioners with experience in both project management and people management. The focus on a people-oriented culture sets it apart from other project management certification programs.

The BVOP approach helps to develop professionals’ collaboration skills, and candidates for certification gain, not only project and product management skills, but also learn to become more people-focused leaders. The exam includes questions from the project management, program management, and product management sections of the course materials.

Organization: BVOP.org

Price: $130

Requirements: No previous professional project management experience required; free study guides and preparation materials available online


  • Certified Project Management Practitioner (CPMP)

The EC-Council was formed after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to address issues of cyberterrorism and the information security of nations at large. The EC-Council's Certified Project Management Practitioner course is for project managers who want to benchmark their skills through hands-on experience and across various management techniques and tools necessary to successfully manage complex projects efficiently. The objective of the CPMP course is to add value to management professionals by developing managerial, leadership and technical skills required to make any project, small or complex, a success.

Organization: EC-Council

Price: $199 for the exam voucher

Requirements: No prerequisites, but it is recommended that candidates attend a three-day preparation course.


  • PRINCE2 Foundation/PRINCE2 Practitioner

Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) is most well-known outside the U.S., especially in the U.K. and its government entities. The PRINCE2 certifications are delivered by the ILX Group and focus on directing, managing and delivering projects across all phases, pre-project, initiation, delivery and final delivery.

There are two primary qualifications, PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner. The Foundation certification is an entry-level credential that tests basic project management terminology and methodology, whereas the Practitioner certification tests advanced project managers who have already achieved PRINCE2 Foundation.

Organization: ILX Group

Price: Foundation: $200; Practitioner: $340

Requirements: PRINCE2 Foundation: PRINCE2 Foundation course; PRINCE2 Practitioner: one of the following: PRINCE2 Foundation, Project Management Professional (PMP), CAPM, or an IPMA certification


  •  Associate in Project Management

The Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM), which administers the Associate in Project Management (APM) — as well as a Professional in Project Management and a Certified Project Director certification — is a global, not-for-profit certification body that offers credentials across a variety of IT specialities. The GAQM's project management certifications are focused on a broad knowledge base and emphasize effective resource allocation, clear direction, adaptability to change, effective communication and assurance of quality deliverables at minimal risk. The APM program is designed for the entry-level project manager, or for those who want to start a career in the field.

Organization: Global Association for Quality Management

Price: $300

Requirements: GAQM body of knowledge study and e-course; no formal education or experience requirements



Source: Ntaskmanager
14 Best Project Management Certifications and Courses of 2021