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October 23, 2021

A few hundred General Electric employees walked off the job at a company facility in Schenectady, New York, on Friday, in protest of the firm mandating that all U.S. employees must get vaccinated for COVID-19 or face termination, according to new reports.

The demonstration is the latest of several protests held by GE employees in multiple states since the firm announced the vaccination requirement. GE announced the mandate last week, joining other large employers in forcing the vaccines for workers to be in compliance with the Biden administration's deadline for all federal contractors to have fully vaccinated workforces by Dec. 8. On Wednesday, dozens of people – including GE employees – protested outside one of the company's facilities in Lafayette, Indiana.

Then on Thursday, roughly 100 GE workers walked out of a plant in Greenville, South Carolina, over the vaccine requirement. There have also been reports of demonstrations by GE employees in Ohio. So far, the New York protest is estimated to be the largest.