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February 6, 2021

The number of deaths is down from the 1,014 reported on Friday, and comes after another 18,262 cases were reported on Saturday, the latest government figures show.

The number of daily infections is less than the 19,114 cases confirmed yesterday and the 20,634 reported on Thursday.

The additional deaths confirmed on Saturday mean 112,092 people in the UK have now died after testing positive for the virus, while there have been 3,929,835 confirmed cases.

The latest number of vaccinations is accurate up to 5 February.

It shows 11,465,210 people had received their first dose and 510,057 people had received both a first and second jab.

The figures are up from the 10,971,047 people who had received a first dose and the 505,993 people who had received both jabs as of Friday.

Boris Johnson has said it is still too early to talk about ending coronavirus restrictions after it was reported pubs could be able to reopen by May.

With the prime minister due to set out his road map for reopening society later this month, the Sun reported that ministers are preparing to allow pubs to serve takeaway pints in April before fully reopening in May.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph said the prospect of dry pubs was being discussed as an option to allow bars to open their doors in April. but government sources were dismissive about the idea, asking what the "point" of a pub without alcohol would be.

Nearly 11.5 million people have received their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine

Downing Street has confirmed it aims to vaccinate those aged over 50 and those aged 16 to 65 who have certain health conditions by the end of April.

A senior medic has warned against easing lockdown measures too soon because intensive care units are still "full to the rafters" due to coronavirus infections.

Anthony Gordon, professor of critical care medicine at Imperial College London, said the public would have to wait longer for "relief".

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, Professor Gordon said: "I think we're all hoping that there is relief from all of this, from the lockdowns and so on eventually, but at the moment we are still very much in the thick of it for a little while longer.

"What I'm seeing is that we're still extremely busy. We've expanded into these surge ICUs and they are still fully open and full with patients."

Source: Sky News
Image Source: Sky News