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April 13, 2021

People across England turned out to pubs and restaurants in droves Monday as many non-essential businesses were permitted to reopen for the first time in months as England gradually lifts its strict coronavirus lockdown.

As England entered the second stage of its coronavirus reopening plan, non-essential businesses like retail stores, salons, outdoor dining, gyms, spas and theme parks welcomed customers for the first time since country’s third lockdown was ordered in January.

The government’s third stage, slated to go into effect no later earlier than May 17, will allow even more entertainment venues in England to reopen, like museums, theatres, hotels, and permit exercise classes and international travel is permitted to resume.

joy at pubs restaurants and theme parks as england eases lock
Friends embrace amongst people drinking outside in Soho, London, home to many of the city's pubs and clubs

Customers enjoy drinks at tables outside the bars in Soho.

People enjoy the attractions at Alton Towers in Staffordshire, as England takes another step back towards normality with the further easing of lockdown restrictions

People get their hair cut at a busy hairdressers in London, set up with protective equipment to prevent the spread of coronavirus

A couple kiss in the street as people start to leave Soho as pubs and restaurants close

 A man with a dog out in Soho

Source: Forbes
Image Source: Forbes