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September 25, 2021

When next you go for the next interview have it at the back of your mind that every moment of the interview matters and it is your chance to make a convincing first impression which is what the interviewer holds about you. Some things that you may neglect matters from standing to sitting posture and the way you make eye contact all matters to the interviewer and speaks a lot about your personality whether you are suitable for the job or not.

One careless mistake can take you off the list of candidates to be considered particularly when you are dealing with an ethical and professional organisation. If the interviewer does not care about your presentation, you should begin to have concerns about the values of the organisation you are about to work with. Here are some deal-breakers when you go for the next interview;

Mind your language
Using vulgar languages, curse words, inappropriate slang and gesticulations are turn-offs that can cost you the job. This is not only common with entry-level candidates but even some experienced hands who do overlook things and burst unexpectedly into vulgar languages and inappropriate communication methods during interviews particularly when it gets to why you left the other company.

Know specifics about the role you are applying for
Some candidates also do go to interviews without being sure of the specifics about the role they are applying for. It is essential that you have full information and immerse yourself into the role you are applying for, you should also research about the company or interviewing organisation for you to be able to out-perform other candidates. 

Seek useful resources to prepare
You can seek free resources offline and online by browsing the website of the company you are applying to or you may check the website and/or youtube channels of the other competing companies to the organisation you are applying to. This might even give you information about what others are doing that the company is yet to be doing and you could ask about this when giving feedback to the company at the interview. The Linkfield online platform is also a good resource you can leverage to prepare adequately for the interview and role you are interested in.

Model the leadership quality of the target company 
Most interviewers have the mandate to recruit candidates that can fit into the visions, goals, aspirations and corporate culture of the recruiting company. So you will do well if you study the "about" segment of the company's website and leaders. It will be expected that the experience you bring to the table will satisfy and align with the expectation of the leadership of the company. This being important for experienced hands.

Find a common ground with the interviewer
You can easily win the heart of the interviewer if you find a common ground like a hobby, sports, movie, tourist attraction, interest in child care, favorite food, etc All these ensure you hit the ground running with the interview session and create a soft landing for yourself.

All these factors are very important when next you go for an interview, it will ensure you land the job and become the preferred candidate.