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February 22, 2021

Effective business leaders aren’t born – real leadership skills come from experience and a commitment to learning. While some people are naturally gifted with certain traits that make them better suited to managerial roles, everyone has the potential to become a great leader.

Attaining a leadership position requires a balance of hard and soft skills, but until you hit management levels, you might not have considered how important leadership skills can be. Unfortunately, leadership skills don’t always come naturally — whether that’s communication, strategic budgeting, organizational planning or team-building.

If you’re looking to gain more broad leadership skills or hone specific skills, these 10 leadership training resources and certificate programs can help get you started. 

MIT OpenCourseWare – Sloan School of Management

You may not know that MIT offers material from more than 150 of its undergraduate and graduate courses for free, giving you access to an MIT education without the tuition. At MIT OpenCourseWare, you can get access to the Sloan School of Management, where you’ll find plenty of undergraduate and graduate courses on all things business, including leadership skills, for free. Take Courses from MIT


Coursera offers courses from universities and colleges across the country. There are business and leadership courses, but you’ll also find courses on popular IT topics like data science, coding and more. Courses typically run four to six weeks and are priced from $29 to $99; specializations in specific skills take four to six months and range from $39 to $79 per month. You can even complete an accredited master’s degree in one to three years — cost ranges from $15 to $25,000. Take Courses from Coursera.

Class Central

Class Central is another online depository of courses a wide array of topics — for the business category alone, there are currently 1,243 available courses. You’ll find courses from multiple universities and other educational facilities, and Class Central even aggregates courses offered by other online platforms like Coursera or FutureLearn. You’ll be able to find free and paid courses on nearly any subject from a wide variety of sources. Take Courses from Class Central.


Owned by LinkedIn, Lynda features leadership training and tutorials, among other topics. It promises to help you “develop talent and keep skills current with expert-led, on-demand eLearning.” You can complete courses individually, but there’s also an option for businesses to use Lynda to train your organization or specific departments on certain skills. You can try Lynda out for free for 30 days, after that the cost for a basic account starts at $19.99 per month, while a premium account starts at $29.99 per month and offers offline viewing and practice project files. Take Courses from Lynda.

The Metro Courses

The Metro Courses by MSBM UK has been known for challenging, engaging and developing great minds all over the world. It is a world-class business school characterised by a tradition of innovation and practical knowledge research. The College has broken new ground, pushed forward the boundaries of knowledge and made an impact on people's lives.

MSBM offers short online certificate courses in leadership designed to help you develop professionally and achieve your career goals, while you earn a professional certificate that qualifies you for the appropriate continuous professional development (CPD). With as little as £20 you can take a leadership course through Metro Courses


This free website offers hundreds of self-paced courses designed by professors and experts from around the world. Business and management courses include Strategic Management, Business Communication and Becoming a Successful Leader. After completion, each one provides students with a verified certificate that can be shared with an employer or university. Take courses from edX.


Udemy features more than 65,000 on-demand courses developed by experts from around the world. The cost of courses ranges from $14.99 to $199.99. Topics may be introductory, such as Management and Marketing Essentials, or more advanced, such as Business Leadership and Management in the First 100 Days. Take courses from Udemy.


Skillsoft offers business training modules that are used by Fortune 500 companies and global corporations. It is a fully online platform that includes courses, books and videos, all accessible either on the website or via the Skillsoft app. The curriculum collections include First-Time Manager Essentials and Leveraging Leadership Techniques. The platform is not free, but it does offer a free 14-day trial. Take courses through Skillsoft.


Since its founding in 2012, FutureLearn has been providing a wide selection of course programs for its more than seven million users. In collaboration with top universities and specialist organizations, FutureLearn offers a massive library of business-related topics, including modern empowerment in the workplace, digital leadership, and even managing public money. Take courses through Futurelearn.


This platform allows experts to create and upload video courses, which can then be taken on demand. Premium membership costs $8.25 per month, but Skillshare offers new users a free month of unlimited classes. Classes range from basics like Principles of Business Management to more specific skills such as How to Delegate to Get Outstanding Results. Take courses from Skillshare.


Image Source: Freepik