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February 16, 2022

One of the easiest ways to implement a fool-proof lead generation system is by annexing a blog to your business website.

According to recent research, companies who run a blog as a marketing tool typically generate about 67% more leads than those who do not. The signs all point to one thing: having a company blog is a fantastic way to generate leads. However, starting the blog itself is just one step towards growth; knowing which strategies to deploy to increase lead generation is another matter altogether.

In today’s post, I am going to be sharing with you 5 great ways to generate leads for your business through a blog. They include the following:

Add Non-Intrusive Call-To-Actions Within Your Blog Posts
One key strategy you can use to generate leads for your business through your blog is by adding non-intrusive links to your website. For example, I can tell you within this article that one of the best ways you can improve your marketing results is by taking a course in display advertising. See how I hyperlinked the “display marketing in a non-intrusive way? It is not in your face, but trust me, it will get a number of clicks that may ultimately turn to leads or in some pleasant cases, sales.

There is something to keep in mind while adding non-intrusive call-to-action within your blog posts. First, make sure that your claims are real and not exaggerated as that might throw some customers off. Next, make sure that all your CTAs and links are functional.

Use Banner Ads On Your Blog
Another strategy that we use here at MSBM is that we use banner ads to redirect ads from our blog to our website. Chances are that if you do blogging the right way, your blog might take on a life of its own meaning that there will be a lot of people who visit your blog for information without necessarily visiting your website. To take advantage of the traffic you get on your blog, set up banner ads at your sidebar and leaderboard areas to redirect traffic to your website.

Use Opt-Ins And Pop-Ups
Again it is integral to mention that there will be a lot of people who visit your blog without necessarily visiting your main website. Using opt-in and pop-up forms to push them to take important actions is key to increasing your lead generation from your blog. It is simple; once you get the contact details of your target audience, it is much easier to market them. Use tools like Optinnmonster and Mailchimp to set up pop-ups on your website in order to harvest leads and add them to your marketing funnel.

Offer Content Upgrade
There are some cases where a visitor lands on your blog and the content you write offers so much value that they will like to take the content with them. Offering content upgrades can offer them strong value while giving you the opportunity to get them as leads. Here’s how you can do that.

You have to first research and find a question that your target audience is very interested in finding the answers to, then research and write very helpful content answering the said questions in detail and then offering readers the opportunity to download this helpful content as a PDF or Word document.

In order to download the document, you may ask users to input their names and contact email. With this strategy, you should be able to gather a lot of leads and then remarket to them. But keep one thing in mind; your content must be super helpful and well-written to stand a chance.

Demonstrate Authority With Social Proof
One of the downsides of online marketing is that since most transactions are carried out online and customers may not be able to meet business representatives one-on-one, they typically find it difficult to trust the expertise level of businesses and that may work to your detriment as a business that is trying to generate leads for your business. To ameliorate this, you need to employ social proof to show your expertise and authenticity.

One of Cialdini’s principles of persuasion is authority. It talks about how the demonstration of authority through the use of social proof and recommendations helps persuade customers to make a buying decision. Therefore, if you want to generate leads that will turn into sales through your blog, you should consider adding reviews, testimonials and recommendations to your blog.