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June 7, 2022

Goodyear said on Tuesday it would recall 173,000 G159 tires used on recreational vehicles because the tread may separate and after U.S. auto safety regulators asked the manufacturer to replace them.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened a preliminary investigation in 2017 to review allegations raised in a lawsuit that some tires had defects causing motor home crashes resulting in deaths and injuries.

NHTSA in February asked Goodyear to recall the tires and Goodyear in March had originally declined the request, the manufacturer said in a filing.

Goodyear said in its filing it had now agreed to the recall "to address concerns that some of these tires may still be in the marketplace or in use."

In a statement Tuesday, Goodyear argued "there is no safety defect" in the recalled tires, and said few if any remain on the road. Goodyear said it would recall the tires, which were last produced in 2003, "to address risks shown to occur when the tire is used in an underinflated or overloaded condition" on motor homes.

NHTSA urged owners to ensure recalled tires are not being used. The agency added that while the tires were no longer being produced, NHTSA believes "that due to the unique circumstances of recreational vehicle use there may still be subject tires on the road today."

NHTSA said it has received 10 consumer complaints alleging failures of Goodyear G159 tires on motor homes, with two complaints allege a crash. Goodyear separately reported 9 claims alleging one death and 13 injuries.

NHTSA said among many concerns, some claims contend the Goodyear G159 tires were allegedly not designed for extended use at highway speeds as would be experienced during motor home operation.

Goodyear said dealers will replace tires installed on recreational vehicles and provide a $60 voucher for the cost of professionally weighing the RV. Goodyear will offer a $500 refund for tires not installed on a vehicle.

The recall applies to G159 tires size 275/70R22.5.

Source: Reuters
Image Source: Pixabay