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May 30, 2022

Grooming is a silent but loud brand statement about a professional worker in today’s modern workplace that is characterized by attractive structural designs, clean workplace, exquisite decorations and expensive artifacts. All these require the compliments of well packaged and presented employees.

Your grooming and professional presentation are key to your employers and fellow employees’ perception of who you are and it impinges on the amount of respect you get from other stakeholders.  As it is often said that there may not be an opportunity to create a second impression, it is therefore important that you create a positive image of yourself at your workplace and within your community.

Personal grooming is beyond the gender or superficial make-up
Some people believe that personal grooming is gender sensitive and career influenced, they felt it is only the ladies that should worry about their looks and attractiveness, or perhaps if you are working in front-end related functions that is when you should worry much about your presentation. This is an illusion that could backfire on the perception of your superiors, peers and customers, in some cases it could be a determinant of your career growth.

No matter what your gender orientation may be, you should be strategic and deliberate about your grooming, presentation and hygiene. Do not be reckless, putting forward an uncared attitude about your outward presentation, at the same time do not do overkill and appear weird with superficial makeup, perfumes and designer clothes.

What is personal grooming
Good personal grooming is keeping every part of the external body clean, presentable, fit and healthy. Your outfits for professional and social engagements should be fit and proper with expected radiance and colour selection. This is beneficial not only to the people you engage with but also as a boost to your confidence and an enhancer of your self-esteem.

Our societies are becoming fashion crazy and grooming is becoming very innovative, hence you need to be on point within your social cycle in order not to be isolated or stigmatized due to poor personal hygiene, presentation or carriage.

To improve your grooming or appearance at the workplace, you can consider the following;

1 Be fresh and smell good

Take regular baths and avoid strong, poignant and repulsive deodorant or perfume. Too strong a scent can trigger allergies and discomforts.
Wear business suits and skirts in clean and simple colours – avoid rioting colours.
  • Do not attempt to wear stuffs that are with spots, wrinkles or stains, avoid dirty materials.
  • Your professional outfits should be devoid of wrinkles, lint, holes, and missing buttons. Hems should be intact. Check these when your clothes return from the dry cleaner

2. Ensure that your face, teeth, fingernails, hair and even your shoes are always neat and clean.

3. As much as possible your pockets should be near empty not bulging with all sorts of stuff like keys, coins, pens etc.

4. Avoid eating candies, smoking cigarettes and chewing gum when you are inside the office – the smell and sound of you chewing can be discomforting to your. colleagues.

5. Use corporate carrier bags compliant with your work environment structure - light briefcases and others to carry documents rather than junking or allowing sweat on your hands and armpit to soil documents.

6.Tattoos, body piercing, strange hair colours, heavy jewelry and neck chains are not ideal for the work environment
The way you dress is the way you will be addressed, putting yourself or your appearance in order starts from your home preparation, though work deadlines, traffic issues, having kids to set up for school and other unexpected volatile events could take its toll you still have to take the bull by the horn and ensure you are always at your best.

Take proper rest, drink plenty water, and take fresh fruits and vegetables, it will reflect on your skin and vitality. Make use of comfy pillows, mattresses and blankets to avoid respiratory issues, pimples and skin rashes.

Your personal grooming and professional presentation are of utmost importance to stand out, fit, and proper within your chosen corporate workplace and social circle.