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June 13, 2021

Speaking at his news conference, Boris Johnson begins by joking that he is disappointed the England football team cannot watch the press conference live. (They kicked off their Euro 2020 opening match a few minutes ago).

He says the world is looking to the G7 leaders to move beyond the sometimes "nationalistic" and selfish initial responses to the pandemic

He says this weekend, leaders have pledged over one billion doses of the vaccines to poorer countries - either directly or via the Covax sharing scheme - including 100 million from the UK

It's "another big step towards vaccinating the world," says Johnson.

He also mentions the role of the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab - "the world's most popular vaccine".

It's popular of course because it's being sold at cost to the world, says Johnson, calling it "an act of generosity" from AstraZeneca.

96% of the vaccines delivered by Covax have been Oxford/AstraZeneca, he says

In his remarks, Boris Johnson highlights a commitment by G7 countries to try and get 40 million more girls into school around the world.

He says leaders have agreed funding toward the Global Partnership for Education - including a £430m donation from UK.

He says it is an "international disgrace" that some children were unable to reach their full potential due to education access.

"Educating all children, particularly girls, is one of the easiest ways to lift countries out of poverty and help them rebound from the coronavirus crisis," the prime minister adds.

Source: The Guardian
Image Source: Getty Images