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September 8, 2021

The commercial tower, which will cost around $1.3billion (Sh3 trillion), will be the second tallest in Africa behind Iconic Tower in Egypt, Zanzibar’s Minister of State in the President’s Office (Economy and Investment), Mr. Mudrik Ramadhan Soraga told reporters as he revealed details of the project.

According to The Citizen, the Tanzanian AICL group and Edinburgh Crowland Management have now signed a contract with New York and Dubai-based architect xCassia to develop the concept for what will be the tallest building in eastern, central, and southern Africa.

Crowland Management Ltd CEO Emmanuel Umoh said the building, known as Zanzibar Domino Commercial Tower, is expected to be an iconic feature that will facilitate tourism and culture and offer business opportunities.

Investor-Friendly Project

“The Zanzibar Domino is a unique project which is exceptionally well-suited to our investment philosophy of providing our investors with superior returns through exceptional schemes as well as strategic socio-economic projects that leverage prosperity, people, and the planet,” he said.

‘We are thrilled to be working with jean-paul cassia and his exceptional partners and team for the development of this groundbreaking project,’ he added.

Mr. Jean-Paul Cassia, founder and design director of xCassia revealed that the Zanzibar Domino Tower would be a key tourist spot, offering visitors, residents, and businesses entertainment, culture, and conferencing services.

According to him, the idea to construct the 70-story building on a man-made island was a decade-long dream and became a reality after a site and investors were found.

A multi-purpose design

“The development will be realized on a 20-hectare, 4km-long site, and the extensive masterplan features an island resort complete with a golf course and a wedding chapel on a private islet. The tower itself will house 560 residential units as well as 5 and 6-star hotel and spa facilities,” he said.

Before the “Iconic Tower Skyscrapper” in Egypt’s new capital became the tallest building in Africa this year, the position was held by the 227-metre, 56-floor Leonardo Building in Sandton, South Africa.

Analyst View

It will be a nice thing to see the African architectural masterpieces dominating a choice landscape and rising from the rubbles of under-development, poor project management, and resource underutilization. The partnership on the Zanzibar Domino Tower appears capable and should be able to do justice to this audacious project in east and central Africa.

SOURCE: Business Insider Africa