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September 27, 2021

The Nigerian Stock Exchange closed the week of September 24th, 2021, on a positive note with a consolidated gain over the previous day's loss. The Market Indices were affected by mixed investors sentiments due to sell-offs and buy-interests, investors lost N11.02 billion as the benchmark All-Share Index (ASI) appreciated by 23 basis points.

The NGX ASI closed at 38,962.23  points, to reflect a gain of 0.23% from the previous trading day, Investors gained 9.59 billion. At the close of the market on Friday, 24th of September 2021, the stock exchange Equities notched higher by 0.23% to N20.30 billion, the Bond market capitalization remained constant at the previous day level of N18.28 billion. However, the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) got a hit and declined by 0.12% bringing the Capitalisation to N11.79 billion. The Markets  Year-to-Date (YTD) return, however, is currently settled at –3.25%.

S/n INDICES Closing Price % CHG
1 ALL SHARE INDEX 38,962.28 0.23
3 Equity Cap (N'Tn) 20,299,615,902,649.50 0.23
4 BOND CAP (N'Tn) 18,275,033,995,036.40 0.00
5 ETF CAP (N'Bn) 11,791,856,740.87 -0.12

S/n Equity Closing Price % CHG
1 PHARMADEKO 2.94 50.769
2 SOVERENINS 0.25 8.696
3 OKOMUOIL 110 5.769
4 ETERNAL 7 4.948
5 CHAMPION 2 4.712

S/n Equity Closing Price % CHG
1 SCOA 0.87 -9.375
2 PRESCO 79.3 -0.252
3 REGALINS 0.44 -6.383
4 TOTAL 192 -3.614
5 STERLNBANK 1.47 -1.342

 S/n   Equity   Volume Traded 
1  FBNH                   481,508,648.00
2  ETI                     16,592,559.00
3  ZENITHBANK                     12,020,170.00
4  ACCESS                     11,554,091.00
5  TRANSCOP                       9,347,635.00

Analyst View
Naira depreciated at the official window from its previous rate of N413.18/$1 to a new  N414.90/$1 as of Friday, September 24, 2021 however, the Naira depreciated further at the black market-end of the market to N575/1$. The Naira is most likely to slide against the USD in days to come as the financial market is still troubled and Nigeria has little or no local alternatives to many imported items. The fallen value of the Naira at the black market rides on hoarding and speculative purchases.

Activities of currency speculators and forex scarcity continue to hit the foreign exchange market as deposit money banks start to comply with the CBN directive to publish the names, BVN, and account numbers of forex defaulters.