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November 8, 2021

The Nigerian Stock Exchange closed the Monday trading session of November 8th, 2021, on a positive note, with some of the measured indices turning red. The Market Indices were affected by mixed investors sentiments due to sell-offs and buy-interests. Market breadth closed with 18 Gainers and 25 Losers in yesterday's session.

The NGX ASI closed at 43,246.87 points, to reflect a gain of 2.93% from the previous trading day loss of   0.17%, Investors gained N643.13 billion from Monday trading. At the close of the market on Monday 8th of November 2021, the stock exchange Equities gained 2.93% to N22,569.03 billion, the Bond market capitalization remained flat at N19.37 billion. Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) declined by 0.69% closing at N7.205 billion. The Markets  Year-to-Date (YTD) return, however, is currently settled at +7.39%.

S/n INDICES Closing Price % CHG
1 ALL SHARE INDEX 43,246.870000000000 2.930
3 Equity Cap (N'Tn) 22,569,035,739,607.80 02.93
4 BOND CAP (N'Tn) 19,368,501,943,423.50 0.000
5 ETF CAP (N'Bn) 7,205,025,3850000000 -0.69

S/n Equity Closing Price % CHG
1 AIRTELAFRI 858 10.00
2 REDSREXTA 3.43 9.936
3 CUTIX 6.21 9.912
4 MTNN 192.5 9.624
5  UNILEVER  14.6 9.363

S/n Equity Closing Price % CHG
1 CONOIL 23 -9.804
2 CWG 1.02 -9.735
3 CUSTODIAN 7.65 -9.467
4 HONEYFLOUR 3.31 -9.066
5 AFRIPUD 6.05 -4.724

 S/n   Equity   Volume Traded   Value Traded 
1  STERLNBANK  81,231,660 121,847,150.3
2  UACN  67,244,697 706,443,282.6
3  FBNH  42,235,863 473,447,717.6
 4  ZENITHBANK  32,621,871 797,348,915.5
5  TRANSCORP  20,962,533 21,573,599.46

Analyst View
Naira depreciated against the dollar by 0.06% at the official window on Monday 8th of November to N414.55/$1 when compared to the previous period rate of N414.30/$1. However, the Naira traded flat against the dollars at the previous rate of N570/$1. The Naira is significantly trailing the Dollar by a wide margin most likely to slide against the USD in days to come as the financial market is still troubled and Nigeria has little or no local alternatives to many imported items. The fallen value of the Naira at the black market rides on hoarding and speculative purchases. However, the recently raised Eurobonds may likely moderate the sliding effect.

The Foreign exchange declined to close at $41.7 billion as of Friday 5th November 2021.