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June 8, 2022

The impact of technology and information is all around us, affecting every phase of life. The recent global restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemics have become a blessing in disguise for stakeholders in the e-learning business.

Leaners are jettisoning the brick and mortar method of learning with its disadvantages, and as global activities get more fluid, more learners are embracing the mobile approach to learning which ensures that learners can keep up with their daily engagements while they learn on the go.

The development of the generations of technology like the 4G and 5G and their deployment on smartphones have given much mileage to the adoption and attractiveness of smartphones. Recent data shows that smartphones are selling much more volumes than computers due to their growing acceptability.

Learners can achieve much with a single smartphone device by randomly searching a question or locating an answer to an assignment. Classmates can be contacted, lectures connected, and notes received, and dinner can also be set up after a lecture, all on a single smartphone.

Almost everyone can take their smartphones along to wherever they find themselves, which means that the phones do not only serve as a communication tool, it can also be helpful for your continuing education.

Provided you are connected to the internet; your smartphone can be your mobile citadel of learning.

Here are the benefits of  taking your Online MBA with the use of a Smartphone
Time-saving and ease of Use
Students are familiar with their phones and can accomplish several tasks using the phones by either engaging the search engine or using downloaded apps to achieve the desired purpose. This saves tutors time teaching the students how to use a device they are already familiar with.

Latest technology
Most smartphones have a better and stronger computing capability than computers many schools have in their computer labs. Hence the use of modern version smartphones ensures that students can attend to their online MBA obligations and other complex assignments at the required speed.

Audio and Video Capabilities
In responding to class assignments and tasks, cell phones can take photos, record videos, and make audio logs. The photos can be attached to PowerPoint presentations, while audio and video recordings can be posted and shared on dedicated social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter etc. Audio recordings can be used as project voice-over, while classroom recordings can follow the same format.
The ease of deploying apps on smartphones is an additional value in helping to solve some specialised problems you may be having in responding to your MBA deliverables. Some students have issues with understanding foreign languages, i.e. pronunciations and accents; there are downloadable apps that can help with this kind of language barrier and help with pronunciation.

While some other learners have issues with numeric disciplines and long theories, there are smartphone apps that could simplify such problems by calibrating lessons in easy-to-learn graphics and pictorial modes. Some apps help with sharing lecture notes rather than tutors worrying about handouts. So, there are multiple apps compatible with smartphones that can enhance the effective use of time in fulfilling a learner’s online MBA.

Online learning has come to stay, and the adoption of digital tools can only increase within the dynamic global workspace we find ourselves; smartphones will continue to find an increasing use and relevance within the Online MBA space.