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10 Business Skills You Can Gain From Online Business Courses At MSBM

February 13, 2023

The number of valuable skills you possess and your level of proficiency can determine how fast and far you can grow in the fast-paced and competitive professional environment. Besides career growth, business skills are crucially important for entrepreneurs and the success of any business. Having a high level of proficiency in diverse business skills will not only boost your productivity and make you a resourceful professional but also enhance your chance of unlocking better career and leadership opportunities as well as standing out among your peers. In this article, we outline 10 business skills you can gain from taking online business courses at MSBM.

10 business skills you can gain from our online business courses

1. Financial skills

Financial decisions are at the heart of business activities. Our online business courses can equip you with financial literacy, including financial management acumen and the knowledge of financial concepts and techniques like budgeting, business analysis, cash flow, auditing and tax administration. Excellent financial skills will enable you to take informed decisions and help your organisation maintain a strong financial performance.

2. Emotional intelligence
Online business courses at MSBM can empower you with strong emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise and manage one’s emotions and those of others in an acceptable and profitable way. As one of the key skills employers require from all employees, emotional intelligence is important for maintaining good relationships, keeping quality partnerships and providing effective leadership. It plays a crucial role in teamwork and collaboration. And it is one of the soft skills that make humans superior to AI. Emotional intelligence is crucially important for managing and promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

3. Leadership
You can learn vital leadership principles through our online leadership courses. Leadership is required at all levels of an organisation and research has shown that leadership gaps exist at different levels in many organisations across the globe. The demand for leadership development has seen the global leadership training industry worth a mammoth $366 billion, with American companies spending $166 billion annually on leadership development in order to forestall future organisational leadership crises with the potential to impact organisational performance.

4. Communication
If there is one skill you cannot but need in a day, it is communication. Communication skills are essential for maintaining relationships, collaborating and conducting various forms of business-related activities. The quality of communication in an organisation can impact employee productivity, morale and turnover. It can also determine organisational performance. Ineffective communication has the potential to cause reputational crises, frequent conflicts, damage, increased costs, losses, delay, mistakes and even death where safety precautions are violated.  Effective communication is one of the vital soft skills you can gain from taking online business courses at MSBM to grow your career.

5. Negotiation
Negotiation is an integral part of business. Taking our online business courses can make you a highly skilled negotiator. Being able to negotiate effectively can earn you a new role within your organisation. In addition, good negotiation skills can determine your earnings, profits, benefits, costs, level of satisfaction and liability. Therefore, irrespective of your field and industry, having strong negotiation skills is enormously profitable.

6. Business management
Regardless of your field, having strong business management skills is crucial for your career progress and the success of your organisation. Strong business management skills will give you deeper insights into the nature of your organisation, its industry, competitors and your role within the entire system. In addition, you will be equipped with important business principles and tools that will boost your productivity and competitiveness in the job market. Applying for our online business course will help you acquire critical business management skills while you retain your job, with the opportunity to instantly apply acquired skills and knowledge.

7. Decision-making
The quality of decisions made by professionals and entrepreneurs eventually determines the fate of organisations. Taking informed decisions can help to reduce costs, risks and boost performance. On the other hand, poor decisions negatively impact financial performance and eventually result in failure. Enrolling in our online business courses will empower you with effective decision-making techniques that will help you to provide innovative solutions and drive organisational growth.

8. Time management
Juggling work and studies requires efficient use of time. Our online learners develop superior time management skills as they pursue their career and academic goals simultaneously. This helps to identify and eliminate irrelevant, time-consuming activities and prioritise those that are essential. Ultimately, online learners are able to achieve more goals with less time even after the completion of their programmes. They develop smart techniques to meet deadlines and achieve better results.

9. Problem-solving
Organisations face challenges that must be effectively tackled for them to survive. Therefore, it is important that professionals and entrepreneurs like you possess strong problem-solving skills. Our online business courses will equip you with critical thinking and analytic skills to assess different business situations, observe trends and provide innovative solutions to organisational problems.

10. Digital and technical skills
If you want to improve your job prospect and increase your earning potential in the Digital Age, there’s no better way than acquiring digital skills. Online programmes at MSBM include many in-demand tech-related courses that are designed to meet the needs of the technology-driven business world. Several digital and technical courses are available to help you provide smart solutions and develop innovative tools that will make you a top talent.

If upskilling is one of your priorities in 2023, we’ve got several in-demand graduate courses that will boost your career and earning potential as well as prepare you for a rewarding management career. Some of our popular courses include: 

1. MBA - Supply Chain Management

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5. MBA - Engineering Management

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7. MBA - Artificial Intelligence

8. MBA - International Management

9. M.A - Marketing Management 
10. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

11. M.A - Human Resource Management

12. MSc - Accounting and Finance